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Cultural Change

As our standards for a desirable work environment change, so do our measurements of success. You may be familiar with the movement that originated in Bhutan to measure Gross National Happiness as an alternative to Gross Domestic Product—creating a holistic index of a country’s prosperity.
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Generational Trends

The workplaces of the next few decades will need to be configured around the behavior and expectations of Gen Y—the “Millennials” born in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These twenty- to thirty-year-olds don’t want to make coffee and answer the phones while working their way up the ladder, clock in from [...]
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Technological Transformations

Technological trends—including the explosion of mobile devices, cloud-based data, and a reliance on social networks—are pressuring employers to support teleworking and loosen restrictions on the use of social media. As the 2011 The Future of Workplaces report (PDF, 40 pages) notes, “the very [...]

The Office of the Future

Workplace 2020 forecasts that within a decade the U.S. workforce will be multigenerational, culturally diverse, > 50% female, mobile and concerned about sustainability. Increasingly, the workforce will be composed of independent contractors rather than traditional employees. They will engage in [...]
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The Org Chart of the Future

The transparency of data inside organizations, the ability for employees to connect with each other and with outside collaborators via social media and the desire of cultural organizations to collaborate with their constituents may all combine to drive fundamental shifts in the traditional [...]