The Powerful Intersection of Psychology & Leadership

The most neglected fact in most organizations is that we’re all human. Great leaders understand this and are adept at applying psychology to creating an organizational culture. This includes being emotional intelligent in how they show up as a leader, how they understand others, and how they connect employee engagement to customer experience.


Applying the Pyramid – Activity

Exclusive Session with Elizabeth Merritt (Online Audience only)

The online audience will receive an exclusive session with Elizabeth Merritt, Director of the Center for the Future of Museums at the American Association of Museums, who will lead a debrief of the morning’s discussion.

Maslow and Metrics (Online Audience Only)

Synergy between organizational goals, values, and engagement is the hallmark of an effective and vital organization. But how do you know how much synergy is buzzing about your institution? Gain practical tools for assessing and promoting this vitality.

Marianna Adams
Gail Anderson
Barry Kibel
Presented by:
Nan Renner, University of California, San Diego & San Diego Natural History Museum
Marianna Adams, Audience Focus, Inc.
Gail Anderson, Gail Anderson & Associates
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